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from causes to meanings

Jacob Olivey’s blog about history education




Olivey, J. (2019) ‘What did “class” mean to a Chartist? Teaching Year 8 pupils to take seriously the ideas of ordinary people from the past’ in Teaching History, 176, Widening Vista Editions, pp. 60–71.

Olivey, J. (2021) ‘They sometimes clashed, and ultimately blended: planning a more diverse and coherent Year 7 curriculum’ in Teaching History, 184, Different Lenses Edition, pp. 22–31.

On method

Earlier today, I read an interesting thread on Twitter. One tweet in particular caught my eye: Now, before I write anything else, I should say that I’ve learnt a lot from @danlyndon; if you’re a history educator and you do not follow Dan, you really should. His 20+ year body of work speaks forContinue reading “On method”

Problems in preference to periods; or, how I build knowledge as a new teacher

Lord Acton’s 1895 dictum that historians should ‘study problems in preference to periods’ still holds water.[1] Key Stage 3 curricula and undergraduate courses are often structured around questions that ‘capture’ certain historical debates, problems and concepts. As a Newly Qualified Teacher, I have continued to find studying ‘problems in preference to periods’ helpful when buildingContinue reading “Problems in preference to periods; or, how I build knowledge as a new teacher”