What did Le Roy Ladurie find in Montaillou?

Resources for a short Year 7 enquiry into the medieval village of Montaillou. In the late thirteenth century, a heresy swept through the south of France called Catharism. It rejected money, the teachings of established church and Papal authority. After the Pope crushed these heretics with a violent crusade, he then sent an inquisition toContinue reading “What did Le Roy Ladurie find in Montaillou?”

Problems in preference to periods; or, how I build knowledge as a new teacher

Lord Acton’s 1895 dictum that historians should ‘study problems in preference to periods’ still holds water.[1] Key Stage 3 curricula and undergraduate courses are often structured around questions that ‘capture’ certain historical debates, problems and concepts. As a Newly Qualified Teacher, I have continued to find studying ‘problems in preference to periods’ helpful when buildingContinue reading “Problems in preference to periods; or, how I build knowledge as a new teacher”

Questions for a curriculum planner who reads

Who built Thebes of the seven gates? In the books you will read the names of kings. Did the kings haul up the lumps of rock? Brecht’s ‘worker who reads’ knows a lot about the past.[i] He knows about Babylon. Lima’s glittering gold. The Great Wall of China. Rome’s triumphal arches. Atlantis. Alexander’s conquest ofContinue reading “Questions for a curriculum planner who reads”

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